Weekly practice papers designed just for you.

The only way to know if you will remember subject knowledge in an exam situation, is to test yourself.

Practice tests like this help you get used to getting the most marks in the time you have, as well as helping to identify which parts of the curriculum you still need to work on.

And it’s knowing what there is left to revise which is half the battle, and it’s the cornerstone of the upgrade approach. You sit papers in exam conditions at home, and then we mark it and do the rest of the work for you, so you have the best possible understanding of how well you’ve learned each part of the curriculum.

Papers marked by qualified teachers who give personal feedback to help you improve.

Once we know what you have left to revise, you'll improve fastest with the help of the professionals who prepare pupils for their exams all year. That’s why there is no substitution for a qualified teacher.

We keep teachers in the heart of the process at upgrade, so you can be sure that the work you do will make the most difference to your grade!

Whether it's simple corrections alongside a good way to remember the right answer, or more detailed exercises that guide you through how to complete that question and others like it, upgrade teachers can help!

Further papers test understanding of corrections and automatically updates personalised revision list.

Then revision time is easy - just do the work we suggest, and show us what you've learned when the next paper arrives. That’s the beauty of upgrade: you’re never left wondering what to work on next, and you can see the effect of all your work almost immediately.

What's more, every new test you complete updates your revision list, so that you can see it grow and improve as you learn. That’s why we call it your ‘Living Revision List’, because always it’s the up-to-date version of your subject knowledge and skills. How better to build confidence going into the exams!


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